Tea that blooms with charm! High-quality tea leaves are packed in cute packaging.

Hello, this is Wutsang.

「Wutsang」It means that we provide good tea to consumers without hiding anything. Of course, all the tea we offer is good, but tea preferences vary from person to person. Our strength lies in helping each individual find their favorite tea.

Within walking distance from the High Speed Rail (HSR) and Taiwan Railways stations!

Located just a 5-minute walk from both the Taichung High Speed Rail (HSR) Station and the Taichung Railway Station, "Wutsang" boasts an ideal location. Situated on the second floor of a building resembling a nine story warehouse visible from the HSR station, the stylish interior may initially resemble an office, but feel free to

step inside with confidence. The neatly arranged array of products appears so contemporary that one wouldn't even think it's a tea and tea confectionery shop. As soon as you step inside, you'll notice it's a whole different vibe from traditional tea shops.

I want to deliver good Taiwanese tea to more people.

The reason behind launching the 「Wutsang」brand is the desire to introduce the stories and traditions behind each type of tea to young people. This is because recent trends show that young people prefer buying tea from beverage stores rather than brewing it themselves.

All the teas here are of high quality, but tea preferences vary from person to person. The great thing here is that the staff assist customers in finding teas tailored to their individual tastes. So, true to the store's name, we can recommend teas that suit your preferences or the recipient's!

Cute packaging, high-quality tea.

To capture the interest of young people, we've adopted packaging that's appealing and relatable to them. It's perfect for gifts too!

In the shop, there are nine illustrations depicting tea leaves on the wall. You can choose tea leaves based on your favorite illustration or listen to the tea stories depicted in the illustrations. Which illustration do you like?

Popular as a Taiwanese souvenir,
tea leaves come in packaging that meets various needs!

No matter how good the tea leaves are, it's meaningless if you don't try them. That's why various packages are prepared to meet consumers' needs. Tea leaves come in bags of 18g, 60g, 100g, and 150g, with cans available for gifts.There are also single-serving packs (6g) suitable for souvenirs, and tea leaves (3g) packaged in Tetra pot-shaped tea bags.

Whether for personal use or as a gift, these packages are convenient for any purpose. Enjoy authentic tea easily.

The representative Ali Mountain Tea series from Taiwan.

The packaging won the 2022 TCOD
Taichung Original Packaging
Visual Design Award.

When it comes to tea-producing regions in Taiwan, many people immediately think of Alishan. Alishan tea combines both fame and deliciousness, but even within Alishan tea, there are many varieties.

That's because various types of tea are made from a single type of tea leaf, depending on the degree of fermentation and roasting.

Taiwan's representative "High Mountain Oolong Tea" is the representative oolong tea of Taiwan. When enjoyed slowly, you can feel the faint fragrance of orchids. There are a total of nine types of teas produced in Alishan, all of which are hand-picked.

The packaging won the 2023 TCOD
Taichung Original Packaging
Visual Design Award.

For example, the "Jin Xuan" tea we handle undergoes a remarkable transformation into three different types: oolong tea, black tea, and green tea. Despite originating from the same tea tree (Tai Cha 12), each type boasts a distinctly different flavor that is almost unrecognizable from one another.

"Jin Xuan Oolong Tea" has become particularly popular lately due to its subtle milky flavor that emerges after drinking. Building upon this, "High Mountain Black Tea" has higher levels of fermentation and roasting.

It offers a stronger aroma and astringency compared to typical black teas, and it's fascinating how the milky fragrance emerges from the nose the moment it passes through the throat. Personally, I, the navigator, am fond of this black tea.

And from the same tea tree, another variant is "High Mountain Green Tea," which is made without undergoing fermentation and roasting. It differs entirely in color and aroma from the other two, offering a light hue and fragrance.

Fragrant floral teas are all produced in Nantou!

Nantou, including Alishan, is a major tea-producing region in Taiwan. Here, tea trees from Mt. Dong Ding are used to produce both oolong and green teas, while black tea comes from Sun Moon Lake. Additionally, teas infused with flowers are also crafted in this region.

They offer three types of tea: Jasmine Green Tea, Sun Moon Lake Red Tea, and Dong Ding Oolong Tea. Additionally, they handle a total of 11 types of flower teas, including Osmanthus, Rose, Lavender, and Ginger for Sun Moon Lake Red Tea, and Osmanthus, Rose, Lavender, and Buckwheat for Dong Ding Oolong Tea.

Particularly noteworthy is the Buckwheat Oolong Tea, which combines buckwheat from Jiari, Tainan, and Dong Ding Oolong Tea from Nantou, resulting in a flavor similar to Japanese genmaicha.

The "Blooming Tea" product is unparalleled both in taste and appearance!

Flowering tea, also known as artisan tea, consists of spherical tea leaves. The moment hot water is poured over it, a delightful aroma of jasmine green tea emanates, and the flower slowly begins to bloom. It's a tea that truly evokes a sense of relaxation and is particularly popular among women.

There are a total of six varieties, all based on jasmine green tea. The differences lie in the types of flowers and how they are tied. There are photos available in the store showing how the flowers bloom, so please feel free to choose your favorite based on that. You might be concerned that different flowers could affect the taste, but rest assured. We have skillfully adjusted the ratio of flowers to tea leaves, so the taste remains unaffected.

These tea balls are individually vacuum-packed, so they can maintain their flavor for a long time. Moreover, when you put them in the original mini can, they become excellent souvenirs.

Original tea snacks and various low-sugar snacks.

"Wutsang" offers stylish and delicious tea leaves. Additionally, they provide unique tea snacks such as handmade oolong tea nougats, Ali Mountain black tea nougats, steamed green tea nougats, Ali Mountain oolong tea cookies, Yushan oolong tea baked cookies, and the award-winning DGI Functional Oolong Tea Cookies, which received the 2022 Taiwan Confectionery Innovation Award.

These products have passed ISO quality management and SGS inspection. They are made by crushing original tea leaves and blending them with seaweed sugar and low flour, offering a variety of low-sugar tea snacks. Enjoy the original flavor and have a healthy and reassuring meal.

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